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Healthcare Policymaking
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Write a 5 page paper. Your written assignments must follow APA guidelines.
In 1972 marijuana was placed in Schedule 1 of the Controlled Substances Act as such the US government considered it to have not accepted medical use in treatment. Currently 14 states of the 50 states have enacted protections to citizens using marijuana for medical purpose. In this assignment, you will consider federal legislation on this important issue. The issue before Congress is whether to continue the federal prosecution of medical marijuana patients and their providers in accordance with the federal Controlled Substance Act or to permit the use of marijuana when recommended by a physician.
My position is in favor of medical marijuana.
Your paper should do the following:
1.Discuss the context of this legislation – name the expected demanders and suppliers as outlined in our textbook, Chapter 3 (Longest, B. B., Jr. (2010). Health policy making in the United States ,5th ed.)
2.Describe the expected interest groups and there specific arguments
3.Describe the expected interplay between demanders and suppliers, interest groups and analyze the public policy environment.
4.State your strategic policy to enhance or diffuse results of public policy environment.
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