Health Information Technology Essay

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Analyze the changes in approach, methodology, and priorities have occurred in the field of health information technology (IT) governance in the recent 10 years. Discuss:
The increasing number and scope of competing demands on health IT resources;
The need for alignment between an organization’s existing and emerging governance structures;
The central role of prioritization in governance;
The importance of technology choices being guided by an IT governance structure, not the other way around;
The dimensions of health IT capability that are evaluated and scored in an organization’s IT governance self-assessment; and
The rapidly changing nature of this field and the need for organizations to be prepared to adapt quickly to these inevitable changes.
Requirements of the final paper:

APA Format
Provide critical analysis
Cover sheet
At least 8 pages, double-space (excluding the cover sheet and reference pages)

Minimum of seven (7) PEER-REVIEWED references less than 5 years old.
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