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1. Evaluating Using the various Websites listed in the chapter (,, http://www,,…),
Create a personal health record (PHR) for a family member or child. If they do not have access to actual health information about the family member or child, you can create answers from your imagination. As part of the exercise, you should reach a decision about whether to keep a paper-based or online record. This illustrates the difficulty of obtaining information from disparate sources to create the PHR and introduces the need to maintain a PHR once created. Discuss your findings in one paragraph not less than 150 words.
2. Most students can understand, in principle, the need to keep a PHR for themselves. What is more difficult is trying to persuade others, particularly those not connected to the health care field by training or employment, of the importance of creating and maintaining a PHR. Identify different groups that, because of their circumstances, would be more inclined to understand the need for a PHR (e.g., newly diagnosed cancer victims, support group members of a particular disease, new mothers, caregiver groups, parent–teacher groups, etc.). Brainstorm and share your findings as to how you would go about persuading members of a group to create and maintain a PHR. Also, discuss the unique needs of the particular group (e.g., the parent–teacher group’s need for immunization records for school-aged children).

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