See the links included in the graded work area ( found in Unit 5, under Chp 9) in order to conduct research on the global obesity epidemic and answer the questions below. You may also use other reputable internet sites and remember to document your references and post to another student.
Please research the global obesity epidemic and provide some statistics on the rate of adult and child obesity in the world. In your view how does obesity compare to other health issues, such as smoking, alcohol or substance abuse. Why do you think that most Americans look at obesity as a result of individual failure? Globally, how have our lives and habits changed that may have contributed to the global epidemic? What is happening in societies seeing rising rates of obesity? Do you think the U.S. government should regulate or tax unhealthy food products? Should television ads that promote unhealthy foods for children be banned? What would you do to help prevent the continuing rise of global obesity?
2-3 paragraphs in length

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