HCP Review both resources provided below in addition to the …

HCPReview both resources provided below in addition to the assigned readings for this week including the article by Anderson, et al. (2019).1. Describe how the US health system compares to at least 2 other comparable countries overall (describe at least three major health outcomes and 2 health care spending differences) between the US and two other comparable.2. Explain the rationale behind why these differences exist and suggest at least 3 potential ideas on how changes can be made to the current US healthcare system to address these issues. (make sure to integrate course readings)3. What are key opportunities related to advocacy and politics interventions that can be done by advanced practice nurses to improve our current health system?Peterson-Kaiser Health System Tracker- https://www.healthsystemtracker.org/chart-collection/quality-u-s-healthcare-system-compare-countries/#item-post-op-clots-better-u-s-comparable-countries

How does health spending in the U.S. compare to other countries?

OECD Health Statistics 2022: https://www.oecd.org/els/health-systems/health-data.htmAnderson, G. F., Hussey, P., Y Petrosyan, V. (2019). It’s still the prices, stupid: Why the US spends so much on health care, and a tribute to Uwe Reinhardt. Health Affairs, 38(1), 87-95. doi: 10.1377/hlthaff.2018.05144 (see in readings section of this week’s BB module)NEED 2 DIFFERENT ANSWERSADD SOURCES
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