hands on activity dna extraction

The purpose of this assignment is to introduce you to basic DNA extraction techniques by isolating and visualizing DNA from a banana. Although this exercise will be completed in your home, it is theoretically the same method scientists use in a laboratory setting to extract DNA from cells.

Open the link to the document to find the experimental procedure and instructions for extracting DNA from a banana. Once completed, you will submit a photograph of your final result, along with the answers to several questions included in the file.
Follow the detailed directions below:

First, read the full instructions in the document, Isolating DNA From a Banana.docx (链接到外部网站。).
Gather your supplies, most of which you may have at home already, others of which are readily available at local grocery stores or pharmacies.
Collect the DNA. Take a photograph and answer the questions in the document.
Save the document in .doc or .docx format. Name it as “Mod3-Activity-Your Initials.”

Hands-on Activity Grading Rubric
Question 1 (7 points for each reagent)Describe the purpose for each of the following reagents (ingredients) in your experiment. In other words, why are these necessary in the DNA extraction process? Please use complete and descriptive sentences when formulating your answers. Banana, Salt, Dish Detergent, Isopropyl Alcohol
A picture of your completed experiment
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