—Atwood, The Handmaid’s Tale
–pp. 3-147 (chapters 1-24) I need someone who can do this assignment, the structure is:
As you read, pay attention to themes the novel raises that interest you. Keep a list of themes you notice in your notebook. What theme interests you most so far?
Writing (typed):
The novel raises numerous themes for us to think about. An idea would be what the author shows us about a certain theme. What do you feel the writer is trying to tell us about a certain theme that interests you?
Choose two passages from the novel that are about a theme that interests you. (These passages can be from anywhere in the book.) By passage, I mean particular lines from the text. Both passages should be related to the theme that you are interested in.
Type both quotations and then provide a close-reading of each passage directly underneath the quotation. While both of the passages should be linked through their shared focus on a chosen theme, ask yourself the following: what is each passage telling me about this theme that is different from what the other says? Respect the details of each passage—including the specific words used, the imagery created, the symbolism, the organization—and help us see how each detail adds something to your understanding of your chosen theme.
Make sure to work really work hard on two things: (1) analyzing particular language from the quotations you have selected (2) telling us the idea you feel each passage is suggesting about your chosen theme.
In your close-reading, construct the following types of sentences:

The word “——” suggests/implies —(insert idea)—about your chosen theme.
Atwood suggests/implies —(insert idea)—about your chosen theme.
By—————-, Atwood suggests—(insert idea)— about your chosen theme.

Your close-reading of each passage should be one paragraph long.
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