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1. The technique whereby a protagonist speaks directly to the audience by expressing some uncensored feeling or thought is:
a. the mirror technique
b. projection
c. soliloquy
d. role reversal
2 Ernie Berne’s position was that people were:
a.       Scripted by their parents
b.        to a large degree victims of their injunctions and of the decisions based on them
c.       Primarily free to make new decisions
d.        a and b only
3 Which is true of the application of cognitive behavioral techniques in a group?
a.       These techniques involve continual revision throughout the group process.
b.      They are experiential in nature
c.       They are designed to produce insight
d.      They are usually aimed at catharsis and working through
4. What is the view of the reality therapist on transference?
a.       A group is an ideal place to work out transference distortions
b.      Transference is not a significant factor in group work.
c.       Transference is the result of inept leadership
d.      A disadvantage of groups is that they foster transferences not only with the leader but with other members.

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