group case study project gcsp group case presentation gcp

The purpose of this assignment is:
 To develop, enhance and demonstrate analytical skills.
 To relate and apply course concepts and tools.
 To develop a report via following a case analysis process.
 To develop recommendations based on management analysis.
 To enhance communication skills.
 To apply secondary research skills.
Students will be assigned to groups of 3-4 members and will complete:
A) a Group Written Case Analysis
B) a Group Term Presentation
Team Member Expectations:
Each team member is expected to contribute to the aforementioned deliverables. Each group will elect a project manager and organize
themselves to achieve results. The project manager must ensure that all the individual group members contribute evenly to the project
work, and is responsible for reporting concerns about non-contributing members to the instructor. Non-contributing members will be
expelled from the group and will have to carry out the project on an individual basis. In such cases these individuals will lose 20% of their
project mark. However, individuals may not elect to voluntarily remove themselves from a group. At the end of the semester, participants
will voluntarily complete a group member evaluation to determine if the group mark will be the same for all the contributing members of
the project. Any evaluation claims that identify a low contribution member must be supported by DOCUMENTED PROOF that
expectations/rules were outlined, and that expectations/rules were enforced throughout the semester. Lastly, project managers must inform
low contribution members of the grade reduction submissions.
A) Group Case Study Project (GCSP) – Format & Evaluation – Due Date Per Course Syllabus
Groups will create a 15-25 page business report. Groups will analyze a case (separate handout), identify management problems, propose
management solutions, and devise an implementation and validation plan. Solutions will be validated via independent research. A quality
report will demonstrate extensive application of course theories and independent research. The report may (but is not limited to) cover
topics such as Organizational Structure, Personality Types, Leadership & Motivation, or Perception, etc.. Refer to the following grading
rubric for deliverables.
These two parts
BUSI1215 is the requirement of the entire article

Case is required to write through this article

Alternative is the Generating Alternative Solution section written by the panelists.
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