Grief, Death, and Dying Answer the following questions. 1. G…

Grief, Death, and Dying Answer the following questions.1. George L. Engel, MD, and Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, MD, both identify two common stages of grief. What are they?2. List five types of loss that can cause grief.3. Death is considered a/n.4. Dying is considered a/n .5. What factor most likely dictates death rituals?6. Which of the following is considered a death ritual for the Islamic faith?7. Grief that is partially experienced prior to the actual loss is known by what term?8. Which of the following terms describes grief when there is no completion to the death event?9. Match the age group with their typical reaction to grief.Examine their own lifeConfusionFear loss of independenceFascination of fear10. Identify and Match if the grief behavior is associated with Men or Women. ___.Usually has a more difficult time expressing grief openly, since they are mostly expected by society to be strong and supportive. ___.May pick up, change their lives, and live many years after their spouse or life partner has died. ___. More often than not sees their life partner as the person with whom they can talk and share grief. ___. Generally, has an easier time expressing grief, since they are perceived as needing the support of others.11. Which of the following is the term used when someone provides the means for a person to end his life?12. What should the health care provider do if she disagrees with a choice the dying patient is making?13. Describe two reasons why legislation was necessary to require healthcare directives in some instances.14. Which of the following is the primary purpose of hospice care?15. Which of the following is the most empathetic statement to a patient who is dying?16. Which of the following is the most therapeutic response to a patient who is dying? a. “Would you like me to contact your clergy?”17. Chapter 11 discusses Dr. Kubler-Ross’ “Five Stages of Grief and Loss.” List the Five Stages of Grief and Loss. Give a personal example or short made up scenario for each stage, showing how grief and loss can be experienced. Stage of Grief and Loss Personal Example (OR) Short Made Up Scenario.18. Summarize your thoughts, in a minimum of two sentences, on why is it important for healthcare workers to be aware of various cultures’ grief and death observances? Plagiarism Free Papers
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