Graphic Organizer for Traditional Fable

Graphic Organizer for Traditional Fable

CHS203 – Children’s Literature and Language Arts
Unit 4 Assignment: Graphic Organizer for Traditional Fable

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Directions: Use this graphic organizer to plan the fable that you will write and present in Unit 5. Fill-in the boxes below
by writing complete sentences to describe the traditional style moral, characters, setting and plot for your original story.


The lesson you want to teach is the moral of the story. Even though it should be very brief it can still be profound. For example, the moral of the fable of The Sun and the Wind is “Kindness can be more effective than strength.”
Start by deciding on the moral. Use the examples of morals from Aesop’s Fables to help you develop a moral. When you write your own story, the moral will appear at the end. The moral fits well with the action of the story.

Fable provide good descriptions of appearance, actions, and thoughts of characters. Choice of character(s) enhances the moral of the story.
Fables should have two or three characters. Two is typical.

Since your animals or characters act like people, you can put them in natural settings like a forest or a pond, but you could also put them in a human setting. For instance, you could have ants having a tea party or a goat mowing the lawn!
The story needs to be told from the point of view of the characters.

Plot contains a logical beginning, middle, and end, that increase the value of the moral.

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