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Below is a discussion assignment. The assignment needs a minimum of 150 words with scholarly (peer-reviewed) references and citations in APA format. Also, below is of websites that can be used to answer this discussion. Thank you.
In the United States, a significant number of the current population is uninsured. Reducing that number is critical to maintaining a healthy population. The federal government plays a large role in healthcare and sets the standards, regulations, and policies. In most industries, market-based competition is the primary incentive for sellers to maximize the quality of their product or service and to limit the cost. This is true to a much more limited degree in healthcare.
In the discussion forum, consider the following:

What is the government’s role in healthcare? How does the government impact healthcare organizations?
How does health insurance impact healthcare delivery?

How can we reduce the number of uninsured people while maximizing quality and access and minimizing costs?
Website: The White House (2013) Health Reform in Action Explore this site for the timeline of health reform, recent healthcare news from the White House, and other resources about healthcare reform.
Library Article: Public and Private Sector Roles in Health Information Technology Policy: Insights From the Implementation and Operation of Exchange Efforts in the United States This is a journal article discussing the optimal roles for the public and private sectors in health information technology (HIT) and health information exchange (HIE) policy development and implementation. As you read, consider the following:
What is the government’s role in healthcare technology?
Are federal and state HIT policies mutually supportive?
Article: CNN Health: A Brief History of Government and Health Care This is a brief history/timeline of U.S. government involvement in healthcare. Click on the timeline to read about the history of government in healthcare. As you read, consider the following: How has the role of the government changed since 1912?The post Government Role, health and medical assignment help first appeared on The Nursing Tutors.

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