Government homework help?? Human grow development Since the …

Government homework help?? Human grow development Since the …

Human grow development

Since the advent of polling, political scientists have      found that Americans don’t know much about the details of political issues      or even the names of many leading politicians. Education is one      distinguishing factor that separates the politically sophisticated from      the unsophisticated, but, since education levels have increased over the      last half-century, why hasn’t Americans’ knowledge of politics increased?      How does democracy survive given such low levels of political knowledge      among Americans over time?
Can democracy be sustained when so few people are      involved in the political system? Voter turnout in a local election can      run less than 10 percent, yet local governments are the ones that affect      people more closely on a daily basis. Why do more people not vote in      America? Explain.

You must post three responses (200+ words minimum for each post). Please see the syllabus for additional information on the requirements for discussion forums. Plagiarism Free Papers
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