government 46

1) Political Parties / Interest Groups. Using search engines and your lecture notes, please find and write about a current Third Party in America. Please write about when they were founded, their platform (what they believe in), and what election success, if any they have had in the last 10 years. Then write a brief summary of why they continue to remain a third party.
2) Please rewatch President Reagan’s Challenger Disaster speech from January 28th, 1986 and then watch President Trump’s Oval Office speech from March 11th, 2020. Both videos are on Youtube. How do they compare/contrast? Despite their limited powers, how did each President handled the crisis at hand?
3) Amendments 11 – 27. Choose two amendments and provide me a one page summary of each. Yes it is that easy.
4) Electoral College Debacle of 2000. Write one page summary of what transpired.
5) Provide me with a summary of how the Coronavirus Relief Legislation was passed into law. Use the description similar to the lecture notes/How does a Bill Become Law.
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