Gloria is a 41 year old postpartum patient who delivered via…

Gloria is a 41 year old postpartum patient who delivered via cesarean section due to pregnancy induced hypertension that was uncontrolled. On postpartum day 2, I.V. magnesium sulfate was started to treat blood pressures of 180/100. A loading dose was given followed by a continuous infusion of 3 g/hr. on postpartum day 3 the magnesium sulfate rate was reduced to 2 g/hr. Gloria’s blood pressures have trended on the high side of normal.The RN caring for Gloria on postpartum day 4 is a cross trained nurse from the medical/pediatric floor. She completed an orientation process to the postpartum area 6 months ago and works one shift per week in that area. On this date the RN is also supervising one LVN assigned to postpartum patients. There is a charge nurse for the entire perinatal unit, 3 labor and delivery nurses, and 2 Nursery/NICU nurses.At 11 o’clock, the RN reports to the Nursery/NICU nurses that Gloria has been discharged by her obstetrician. When the Nursery/NICU nurses questioned the appropriateness of discharging Gloria given that she had been receiving continuous IV magnesium sulfate drip for several days, the R N explained that when she questioned the obstetrician about this he pulled her aside in the hallway and stated that this was the patient’s 4th postpartum day which is the maximum length of stay that insurance companies will cover for cesarean section deliveries.
What seems not right in this cituation?What should nurse do as a patient’s advocate in this situation?Is there any other solution, when insurance doesn’t cover stay and patient could be in danger after discharge.
Thank you
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