Global Organization

Identify a global organization with a multinational presence. 
Identify and research a cultural issue that affects this organization’s interactions outside the United States. 
Define the issue and provide an overview of how it became an issue in the organization. 
Prepare an analysis of at least 2 ethical and 2 social responsibility issues your organization must deal with as a result of being global. 
Prepare a Power Point Presentation with a minimum of 15 slides (this does not included cover page and reference page) summarizing the results of the analysis. Include the following: 

Identify ethical perspectives in the global organization.
Compare these perspectives across cultures involved in the organization.
Describe a viable solution for this issue that could be acceptable by all stakeholders. 
Speaker Notes
Pictures or clips to support

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines and include talking points. Be prepared to present PowerPoint presentation during class and respond to questions.

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