giving feedback

giving feedback

You need to read my works 1, 2 and 3 and write five things that the designer is doing that is likely to lead to a great learning experience and five things that the designer is doing that is likely to lead to a poor learning experience.
I have attached an example in this order you must follow the example.
**You can not give Grammarly feedback.
Use yellow color to highlight all the sentences or content that you did comment on each work and send it back to me along with the peer review document which has your answer.
Below example will give you an idea about what I am requiring from you :
Could you please look at Things done well in this phase:
This is a good idea to help students in areas that they may be weaker in to become more efficient in that area.
It is smart to offer potential classes for students to take after they receive their score on the exam.
The use of supporting data was beneficial in why your project is of use.
It is a good idea to provide a more in depth training for the tutors so that they have all the knowledge they need.
By having the tutors use technology heavily, it will teach them how to explain it to who they are helping
Things that could be improved in this phase:
Explain in more detail what your simulation exam system is and what is going to be included in it.
You would need a team working together to make sure that this simulation exam system would be successful which would require time and effort from those individuals.
2 hours may be too long for an exam, it may be beneficial to give students extra credit or something to entice them.
When you implement the tutors training for a longer time, make sure to keep the information fresh and entertaining so they donâ€t get bored.
When purchasing computers for those who donâ€t have one, make sure the budget can handle the amount of tutors who need it.
You need to give a useful feedback based on each word. Each work must have own 10 feedback 5 things done well and 5 things could be improved as the example above.

See attached

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