Give one measurable outcome for each of the four Diagnosis in part A and B . Please use APA format 250 words each .

Peer Responses: Select two peer postings. In your responses to each, give one measurable outcome for each of the four diagnoses presented.
(1)Part A.
My number one out of the four that I chose to prioritize first is latex allergy reaction. The reason being is because it is a response from the immune system and can cause anaphylaxis. Anaphylaxis is a severe and immediate hypersensitivity reaction. This needs to be taken care of immediately.
My second choice is risk for pressure ulcer. Pressure ulcers have different stages and are localized areas that have tissue damage over a bony prominence and can ultimately lead to necrosis, if not treated. This is easily preventable, but if a patient comes in with pressure ulcers, it needs to be determined what stage it is currently in. We want to prevent further discomfort and treat the pressure ulcer to prevent further tissue damage and treat the other reason why they came in to the hospital/clinic.
My third option was nausea. This can be associated with various conditions. Nausea is a subjective experience that can eventually lead to vomiting. Vomiting is not a good thing, since you can lose electrolytes. The body would need to be replenished by consuming electrolytes to keep the body at homeostasis. If the patient was experiencing vomiting, then I would make this as my number two option. Since nausea is considered subjective, I put this as number three.
My final choice is obesity. Obesity is an excess ob body fat and is a complex disease. As a result of this, the patient is at risk for other health problems. Depending on the severity of the patient’s progression of the disease, I would prioritize it by what other disease they have that is associated with obesity. If, for example, the patient has hypertension, then I would put that higher in my list.
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(2)Part B.
These choices were just random ones I picked from the list, and as I was thinking about how to prioritize them i started thinking about how a patient would have these four problems. So I made myself a story about a man with these four diagnoses. A 35 year old man was brought into the ER by EMS. He was playing basket ball when he and another player collided and he came down on his leg wrong and broke it. The bone is now sticking out of his leg and the wound is covered in dirt and gravel. So based on this patient and the diagnoses above for the patient I would prioritize them as follows:

Pain, Acute
Infection, risk for
Walking, impaired (Herdman & Kamitsuru, 2018).

I used Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to help decide how to prioritize these diagnoses. The bottom layer of this pyramid is Physiological (khanacademymedicine, 2014). This patient’s pain, nausea and risk for infection are all part of helping the person physiologically. The impaired walking is taken care of with the second layer of this pyramid in safety. It would not be safe for this patient to walk right now with this kind of injury. Do you think that there is anything that should be done differently?
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