Geri Smart graduated from Troy University accounting homework help

Geri Smart graduated from Troy University five years ago with a Masters degree inaccounting.She obtained a position with a well-known professional services firm upongraduation and has become of its rising stars.  Geri has developed a number of professional contacts in her work, both with clients and with outside companies.  One of these companies, Busby Manufacturing Company, recently offered Geri a position as head of their financial services division.  The offer includes a salary of $50,000 per year, annual bonuses of one percent of divisional operating income, and a stock option for 10,000 shares of Busby stock, to be exercised in two years at the current price of $15 per share.  Last year, the financial services division earned $1,110,000.  This year, it is budgeted to earn $1,600,000.  Busby stock has increased in value at the rate of 16 percent per year over the past five years.  Geri currently earns $65,000 per year.
You are to advise Geri on the relative merits and downsides of the Busby offer.

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