gender socialization and inequalities related to sexual orientation, sociology homework help

The Discussion for this week will focus on gender socialization and inequalities related to sexual orientation. Please respond to the following statements/questions:

After reading the chapter, provide an explanation of how gender socialization impacts society. In your opinion, does family or the media have more of an impact on how an individual is socialized with regard to gender?
What impact, if any, does homophobia have on individuals and society?
What is one thing a human services professional can do to improve gender inequality, and what is one thing that they can do to decrease homophobia? Be specific.

Discussion responses should be on topic, original, and contribute to the quality of the Discussion by making frequent informed references to course materials. Remember to respond to at least two classmates with comments that forward the Discussion.

Please respond to these two students:Laura F :Gender socialization impacts society in a number of ways. First girls are taught to be inferior to boys. Girls are good for cooking and cleaning and in most countries, this is the case. There are many areas of discrimination within our own society for example political and legal, education, and social(Henslin,2013). A woman is taught predominately by her family how to behave, what is appropriate, and when to show emotion. For example, A women is expected to have dinner on the table even though she works a full-time job. The only difference is she makes less money so is viewed by her family and husband as having less value(Henskin,2013).
Gender is taught to us throughout life by the expectations set for us from our family, as we age media contributes in giving people ideas on how to change themselves because nothing is good enough. Being homophobic is a perfect example of ideas personified. The impact it has on society is a burden. It creates hate and hate crimes toward individuals whom just want to love someone. Society then cast these people aside as if they are defective and tries to hide it although it has been more tolerable. I say if it does not bother me then go be happy.
A human service professional can continue to vote on important matter regarding gender while respecting people for who they are and always promoting a positive image. To decrease homophobia, one should just try to state facts and reason with those who do not support it. Not everyone will agree and I think it is important to advocate no hate.
Henslin, J. M. (08/2013). Social Problems: A Down to Earth Approach, 8th Edition.!/4/2/24/12/4/2/2@0:66.0
Jarvis G
Hello Everyone,
I do think that Family and media have a big impact on how a male or female should act. the attitudes and behaviors expected of boys and men because they are male and girls and women because they are female (Henslin, 2013). A father may see himself teaching his son how to play baseball or hockey. In her mind’s eye, a mother may see herself tying a little pink bow on her daughter’s hair—and thinking how cute she will look. (Henslin, 2013). I believe every male and female have different ways of acting and different path they may go. I female can raise with strict rules and their mother will guide them to not make the same mistake that they themselves did when they were younger like having a baby at age 14 or running away from age 13 because I didn’t have no one to guide me and show me right from wrong, my mother in those days use to always out till late working to provide food on the table so I was pretty much free to do everything that I was not supposed to do, because I didn’t have any guidance. Mothers will also explain that when people notice she was pregnant at a very young age you start having people that starting to judge especially sometimes at the place of worship. Mothers trying to use their experiences to help guide their daughter in the right direction and help them to be open to tell them any and everything. Sometimes a mother or father can tell their children what is right from wrong, and they will still go towards a different direction, like be in gang, missed school, get arrested, doing drugs, fighting and many more things. Lastly a male or female grow older to realize what truly make them feel happy and wanted, like the fact of changing their sexually from a female to male or from a male to a female or they just remain gay without changing anything that require surgery they just act like it by cutting their hair, dressing a certain way. I have several gay friends that are wonderful people. We have famous people that change their sexual look, before they were the same men and woman that you see every day. When people change their sexual look, they are still the same human being that still deserve to be respected.
The impact that homophobia have on individuals and society is that they draw people away by their showing different types of body language, as well as the thing they might say or do. They also easily get intimidating when they see people when they don’t have the tolerant, they rather be by their self. Also with the level of feeling they can harm themselves or even someone else. Some people on the other hand may have a mild homophobia issue that can be contain.
The main thing human service professionals can do to improve gender inequality, and the thing that they can do to decrease homophobia is first to encourage people that even though their are different gender, they can still do the same as each other. For example in the different work place like police they have both men and women, at a school men and woman, even pilots and mechanic are now a woman jobs, back in the days it was only men that could have done these things, now it is woman doing them. The second part is letting them know that human being are the same like the phrase “people don’t bite”, which is very true, if a person smile at you, you can smile back, that goes for homophobia as well, they might be giving eye contact, you can just speak and start a conversation.
Thanks Jarvis
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