Gender role differences

1. Describe how gender role differences might impact the development of an individual’s personality. Explain how this information would be beneficial to know when using assessment tools.
2. After reviewing the many different assessment tools/techniques we have discussed throughout the course:

Explain the tool/technique you like the most
Explain which personality theory it is derived from
Explain why you chose this tool/technique

Summarize the advantages and disadvantages to this technique/tool.
Read Chapter 11: “Male-Female Differences” and Chapter 14: “Love and Hate” in your text.
Both of these chapters discuss more factors that can impact an individuals’ personality.
Web Resources
Personality Assessment tools:

Myer-Briggs personality test-Based on Carl Jung’s theories
The Big Five personality traits
Eysenck Personality Test
Personal DNA – An alternative test that helps determine your personality and positive attributes:
Personality Insights
John Holland personalities and careers

Personality tests in the job interviewing process:
Problems with personality tests:
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