Gender and Emotions

 Briefly explain one way in which emotion impacts others in a specific situation (in a meeting at work, in the classroom at school, on the team in sports, family dynamics, intimate relationships, etc.)
Choose one emotion in particular, and analyze gender differences in this emotion by addressing the following:
Briefly explain how the expectation or stereotype related to this emotion—the experience and expression of it—is different for each gender.
Briefly explain where the expectation or stereotype of this emotional feeling and expression come from.
Pick one culture that is different from your own in terms of expectations of emotion and gender. Explain how emotional expression is similar and different for this culture compared to your own.
Explain any conclusions or insights you have about gender and emotion based on your completion of this Assignment.
Note: Be sure to protect the identity of any persons you describe.

Note: Support the responses within your Assignment with evidence including in-text citations 


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