gcu elm 350 unit field trip

Providing students with real-world experiences tied to the academic content they learn within the classroom is priceless. Teachers will be asked to seek out local opportunities to bridge content understanding, and planning such occasions is imperative.
Based on your completed benchmark assignment, plan a field trip (virtual or in-person) to provide students with a real-world experience related to the content learned (i.e., museums, plays, art galleries, etc.)
In 500-750 words, outline the following about your field trip:

At least one social studies standard and one arts standard, and at least two standards-based objectives that will be met on the field trip
Location of field trip and summary of learning in which students will be engaged
Explanation of how the field trip will guide students in analyzing real-world issues or situations
Description of digital tools or resources that can be incorporated into the design of the field trip
A project-based post-field trip learning experience that incorporates cross-disciplinary perspectives, knowledge, and skills
Rationale for how the field trip enhances the unit plan by developing students’ critical thinking and content-area skills

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