Full fitness assessment | The Nursing Tutors

Full fitness assessment | The Nursing Tutors

The clients name is Rob Rich, he is a middle age over weight man with a cardiovascular condition, the rest you can make up.
The Book:
NASM.NASM Essentials of Personal Fitness Training, 5th Edition. Jones & Bartlett Learning, 06/2016.

Assignment #1 Instructions:
As you proceed through this class, I hope you are able to begin to apply the information to the program planning for your current client/athlete. Many of you are already working as a Personal Trainer, either one-on-one or with a team. If so, you will see many parallels, and hopefully the information provided in this class will help to improve your efficacy as a Personal Trainer. If you do not currently work as a Personal Trainer, this is the time to start!!
For this first assignment, please choose a person with whom you would like to work with for the duration of this course. You will be their Personal Trainer; they will be your client. And, yes, this is the client that you will use for all the assignments related to the NASM OPT Template, including your Final Project. This is the first of several assignments that will build on each other, so, it may help to review all of the assignments now before proceeding.
Assignment #1
Once you identify your client, please do an overview of a full fitness assessment for them.
For this assignment you will be responsible to provide the following information regarding your Fitness Assessment:

Background of your client
Subjective Information
Objective Information
Cardiorespiratory Assessment
Postural and Movement Assessment
Performance Assessments (these assessments will be done later, but for this assignment, please list which performance assessment(s) you will do, and the rationale for them -keeping in mind their individual goals).

This is the beginning of a programming plan that you will be creating for your client. The protocol that you develop now can serve as your Assessment Tool in your future work as a Personal Trainer or Coach.
Please submit your assignment using a combination of narrative & any charts/graphs that you think are appropriate (see attachments).
The narrative will include a brief background of your client and the findings of the assessments. Is there any type of postural or movement weakness or tightness? Are there any precautions necessary due to illnesses, previous injury, or medications? Is scheduling going to be a challenge? What are the clients’ goals? While the answers to these questions will provide a lot of information, you do not have to limit your narrative to only answering these questions.
The narrative of your paper should be a minimum of 3 pages; charts or tables will enhance your project. Using charts and tables will help to provide visual guidance as to your client’s health status and your thought process. Please support your rationale for using any and all of your assessments with appropriate academic sources (minimum of 2 + your textbook = 3 References).
The writing component must meet all rules of APA formatting (6th edition)

title page
page numbers
in-text citations
reference list

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