Four pages contemplating and discussing the effects of collective trauma upon future generations among American military personnel who have served in combat situations. Use the required reading assignments and other resources to share comparisons and beliefs about the trauma and future effects. Share your thoughts about these men and women, particularly how they and their communities are impacted by this trauma. Do they consider the trauma to be their own, or perhaps, shared?
Minimum Length: 4 pages not including the cover and reference list pages.
Formatting Syle: APA
Required Texts:
Grossman, D. (2009). On killing, Revised ed. Back Bay Books/Little, Brown & Co., New York, NY
Kennedy, C.H., Zillmer, E.A. (2006). Military psychology: Clinical and operational applications, 1st ed. The Guilford Press, New York, NY
Shephard, B., (2001).
A war of nerves: Soldiers and psychiatrists in the 20th century, 1
st ed. Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts
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