Formal Paper 2 Explication of a poem   Assignment: Explicati…

Formal Paper 2
Explication of a poem
Assignment: Explication of a poem or lyric of your choice(cannot be one that we already covered).Essay worth: 15% of Final GradeFormat/Guidelines:1 page (up to 250 word) Bio of poet or lyricist (not the band)Explication of a poem is a 3 step process it builds on what you should have been doing in your posted explications.Explication:DENOTATIVE: In one or two sentences describe what literally/actually is happening in the poem.CONNOTATIVE: In two or more paragraphs answer the following questions: 1) What emotions does the poem evoke? 2) What is the poem’s central theme(s) 3) What is the poet’s perspective on that theme?Poetic Devices: In 1/2 pages identify 3 poetic devices (you will need to consult “Analyzing Poetry in Documents/Resources and/or the Glossary section of your text books)–then use examples (direct quotes from the poem) to illustrate. Also, how do these poetic device impact on the poem as a whole? How do they enhance/develop the theme(s) that you mentioned in the CONNOTATIVE section of this essay.*Follow this format EXACTLY (using the subtitles provided here and suggested lengths of each section)

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