Conduct a search of scholarly journal articles relating to Forensic Science and the Relationship between Drug Use and Crime, and select three that interest you most to use for this project. Articles must be recent-published within the last 10 years.
For each article, you will write a 450-600 words (1.5 to 2 pages) evaluative summary.
Your response should include the following:

Summarize the article: what is the main focus of the article; what are the main points? If a research study was involved, what were its major findings? What are the author(s) conclusions and/or recommendations?
Evaluate the article: Is the article helpful? Does it follow its stated intent? Does the article present as objective, or did you find a bias? Is it effective in influencing the readerâ€s thinking in any way? Would you recommend this article to others to read? Explain why or why not.
Other: Include other points you determine are appropriate to present a complete summary/evaluation response to your specific article.

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