For essay No. 2, write an analysis.

For essay No. 2, write an analysis. Essentially, you will be looking at how various literary elements work in a story, pick one that plays a significant role in the piece, then explain how and why it is important to the story and what sort of meaning it creates, citing specific evidence from the story to support your stance. For more information on this, see the readings listed in Barnet and those posed in this module. The length of your paper should be three to six pages, not counting the works cited page. Here are the selections from which you may choose:
“The Story of an Hour” (57)
“The Cask of Amontillado” (183)
“The Chrysanthemums” (103)
Keep in mind that your paper must have a strong main controlling idea, or thesis. In this case, that will likely involve considering what purpose the literary element serves in the story. That will allow you to make an argument supporting your thesis. You may also discuss an additional literary element (or two) that are closely tied to the one on which you are focusing. Feel free to do that. Also, keep your overall structure in mind:

Your opening should be engaging and let the reader know what you are arguing.
The middle should include the main points of that argument, presented in a logical order, with transitions from one paragraph to another so that your essay flows well. You need to support those points with evidence from the story.
The ending should tie it all together, give a sense of closure and hopefully leave the reader with an additional parting insight.

Grading criteria will be as follows:

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