For essay 4, you will compose an essay with a 1,500 – 1,800-…

For essay 4, you will compose an essay with a 1,500 – 1,800-word count that contains two 
secondary sources and a Works Cited page. The essay is an argumentation essay and thus you 
will need to have a counter argument. I suggest supporting your counter argument with a 
secondary source in order to avoid being biased. Lastly, the essay must be in third person. 
Option 1: Establish a position on the debate over Internet privacy. Privacy is discussed among 
those who use social media or the internet in general. Are new laws necessary or unwise? Is 
privacy a right? Who is responsible for privacy? Here are some critical thinking questions to help 
guide you on establishing your stance and where to begin your research. 
Article: “Facebook Is Using You” by Lori Andrews Page 541-544, “Web Users Get as Much as 
They Give” by Jim Harper Pages 535-538, Tracking Is an Assault on Liberty” by Nicholas Carr 
page 528-531
_I have done 3 paragraphs already and it is about argument essay. I need to do in the right order for example: 1st paragraph: 1st point to support, 2 paragraph: 2nd ponits, 3rd paragraph: 3rd point, 4th paragraph: counter argument with proven( secondary source prove), 5th paragraph: rebattle your argument again. and conclusion.

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