For 1st assignment attached is the PDF File out of 49 topics…

For 1st assignment attached is the PDF File out of 49 topics…

For 1st assignment attached is the PDF File out of 49 topics we need to select any 5 topics 
Need atleast 6 pages of content without references.
For 2nd assignment below is the description:
 Research a scholarly paper or professional video on “Agile Modeling and Prototyping” and reflect on only one (1) of the following topics:

“Agile vs Structured”: How is Agile Modeling better or worse than Structurred Methods?
“Agile Types”: What types of Agile Modeling exists and which seems better?
“Prototyping”: How important is Prototyping and when would it be used?

NOTE: You must copy and paste the topic at the start of your paper to provide a context for your answer.This paper must be between 250-300 words on what caught your eye and reflect on what you read. Do not add extraneous text that does not address the question – do not add an introduction or conclusion.Do not copy and paste text from the referenced resource. 

PMI (Project Management Institute) identifies 49 Project Management Process Groups and Processes.
Write a 5-to-8 page paper, double-spaced, 12-font on at least five of the 49 PMI Process
Groups/Processes below (the reference pages are not included in the minimum page count):
Do not include a cover page, an Abstract, Introduction, Conclusion, or Findings
– only write about the five (of the 49) PMI Process Groups/Processes chosen,
– include your first and last name in the header.
Each topic must be referenced and cite at least two scholarly or professional sources. The Reference
must include the URL or DOI of the source so the faculty can review the source.
You can use the databases available from the University Library website to search for journals and
articles: http:// and search the Databases/Journals
or any of research sources such as Google Scholar; Academic Search Complete; ProQuest
Dissertations & Theses Global: Science & Technology; Microsoft Academic; Find White Papers; IEEE
Xplore; ERIC.
Each topic must start on a page by itself with an appropriate six heading (Heading 1; centered), using
the exact name of the topic as it is listed below.
49 Project Management Process Groups and Processes
1. Initiating: Develop Project Charter
2. Initiating: identify Stakeholders
3. Planning: Develop Project Management Plan
4. Planning: Plan Scope Management
5. Planning: Collect Requirements
6. Planning: Define Scope
7. Planning: Create WBS
8. Planning: Plan Schedule Management
9. Planning: Define Activities
10. Planning: Sequence Activities
11. Planning: Estimate Activity Durations
12. Planning: Develop Schedule
13. Planning: Plan Cost Management
14. Planning: Estimate Costs
15. Planning: Determine Budget
16. Planning: Plan Quality Management
17. Planning: Plan Resource Management
18. Planning: Estimate Activity Resources
19. Planning: Plan Communications Management

20. Planning: Plan Risk Management
21. Planning: Identify Risks
22. Planning: Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
23. Planning: Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis
24. Planning: Plan Risk Response
25. Planning: Plan Procurement Management
26. Planning: Plan Stakeholder Engagement
27. Executing: Direct and Manage Project Work
28. Executing: Manage Project Knowledge
29. Executing: Manage Quality
30. Executing: Acquire Resources
31. Executing: Develop Team
32. Executing: Manage Team
33. Executing: Manage Communication
34. Executing: Implement Risk Responses
35. Executing: Conduct Procurement
36. Executing: Manage Stakeholder Engagement
37. Monitoring/Controlling: Monitor and Control Project Work
38. Monitoring/Controlling: Perform Integrated Change Control
39. Monitoring/Controlling: Validate Scope
40. Monitoring/Controlling: Control Scope
41. Monitoring/Controlling: Control Schedule
42. Monitoring/Controlling: Control Costs
43. Monitoring/Controlling: Control Quality
44. Monitoring/Controlling: Control Resources
45. Monitoring/Controlling: Monitor Communications
46. Monitoring/Controlling: Monitor Risks
47. Monitoring/Controlling: Control Procurement
48. Monitoring/Controlling: Monitor Stakeholder Engagement
49. Closing: Close Project or Phase Plagiarism Free Papers
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