Flashbacks are significant to how both Dennis Lehane’s “Unti…

Flashbacks are significant to how both Dennis Lehane’s “Until Gwen” and Susan Steinberg’s “Superstar” unfold. Choose one of these short works of fiction—either “Until Gwen” or “Superstar”—and write an articulate essay in which you 1) identify one significant flashback within the narrative and 2) explain how, specifically, this flashback helps to communicate a theme within the story.
— Respond to both parts of the question.
— Clearly identify a theme that the flashback helps evolve.
— Consider elements such as characterization, voice, and/or sentence style within the flashback.
— Include important quotes from the story of your choosing to support your ideas.
— Explain how those quotes support your ideas.
— Consider this an opportunity to develop your insights and take chances with original observations!
Length: 500 words.

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