fires of jubilee by stephen oates book analysis

Book Analysis Assignment – Fires of Jubilee By Stephen Oates
Read assigned book. Analyze book in a 2-3 page ESSAY (not bullet points, so make sure you have a clear introduction, body, and conclusion) based on the questions provided below. Answer each question. Grade based on your ability to address each point. If you are unable to find material on a specific point clearly articulate this in your analysis and explain.Check syllabus for due dates. No late work.
·What is the Author’s argument (what point is he/she trying to make)?
·Who is the author (Outline his background/high level)? Why is he/she qualified to write the book? 3.What is the book purpose?
·What is the layout and approach of the book?
·What sources are used? What were the primary sources if any? What were the secondary sources if any? What is the difference between primary sources and secondary sources? Look up. Primary documents are written or constructed at the time of the event (journal, map, interviews). A secondary document is other people’s interpretation of the primary sources. Both types are important in history making. Explain and give specific examples of the sources used by the author in the book.
·Is the book effective? Why or Why not? Be specific.
·How does this book help explain the significance of religion in Africa?
·What do reviews say about the book (who was the reviewer)? How does book fit in with other similar books on the topic?
·How does this book fit into this class? Be specific
·Does the book enhance our understanding of History? If so how? If not, why not? Provide a reflection.
·What was the most striking statement in the book to you? (Write out a powerful quote from the book, explain the quote, why did it strike you, how it fits with the overall purpose of the book). Cite page.
·How do you think this story is remembered? Any legacies or impacts?
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