Fingerprint Examiner for Forensic Science

Fingerprint Examiner for Forensic Science

I need with writing a paper about Fingerprint Examiner for Forensic Science.

This paper is expected to be your explanation of this particular discipline, although you are expected to incorporate and apply the course material and material from the outside sources to your forensic discipline. To show your critical thinking and that you incorporated your outside references into your paper, no more than 10% of your paper may be quotations. The majority of your paper must be written in your own words.
Make sure that you provide in-text citations throughout your paper, using APA format. Remember that for any information you receive from outside sources, whether you quote it, paraphrase it or summarize it, you must provide citations telling the reader where that outside information came from.
Your paper should contain the following items:

Cover/Title Page
Body of Paper

Discipline Specifics to include:

Education and/or certification requirements
Types of evidence examined
Types of instrumentation utilized for evidence examination

Inclusion of a real-life case that utilized this discipline

Discuss if the discipline assisted in providing investigative leads in solving the case

Analysis must incorporate information received from 2 outside sources


Format of Paper

Times New Roman font ONLY
12-point font
900-1,500 words long
1 inch margins (you will have to change your margins if using Word 2003 or earlier)
Double Spaced

The paper does not need an abstract. It should be in APA format, including the citations and the References.
Please submit into the assignment folder as a WORD document: LastName-Draft (i.e. Blankenship-Draft).
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