final project sultan

final project sultan

Final Reflection Project

Due Tuesday, May 12 no later than 9:30 a.m.

(Late projects will not be accepted)

Aristotle’s Three Golden Rules to Hackinga Great Project

Remember what we talked about in the beginning of the semester?

Follow these three golden rules when writing, speaking, or presenting:

First tell your audience what you’re going to tell them

Engaging introduction, this is your ‘opener’ – make it catchy

Provide direction as to what to expect

Strong thesis statement

Then tell them

Body and content of your project must support thesis statement

Build your case with organized key points (headings, sub-headings)

Tell them why these key points are important and relevant

Tell the audience what you just told them

Make your conclusions relating back to your thesis statement

Review your salient points

Future outlook and call to action if necessary

Final Reflection Project Overview

Please read the detailed information in its entiretyso you know exactly what is expected of you to finish this semester strong. This is 15% of your final grade.

Based on the class vote, there will be no cumulative final examination and the final reflection project (either a paper or narrated presentation) will take its place. 92% of the class voted for this option. While this may take the place of the cumulative final, it stillneeds to cover the information from the entire semester (“cumulative”). You are asked to write or present about a minimum of FIVE topicswe covered in this class. You can select more than five topics.

Please follow these guidelines:

Follow Aristotle’s Three Golden Rules

Follow the RUBRIC. See the Rubric section below.

Have FUN with this. This is more of a creative project. You can include graphs, images, drawings, pictures, collages, etc. Creativity and innovative thinking are a graded criterion in your Rubric.

Select whether you will write a reflection paper or narrated slide presentation. Your choice. Your selection needs to be ‘your personal best’ way to express what was meaningful to you (at least five topics) this semester. The presentation uses the same structure as the paper except narration will guide the reader more than written paragraphs. Typically, good presentations include organized key words and phrases with images.

Start with a “Catchy” Introductionand remember your Thesis Statement. This is a graded criterion in your Rubric.

This project must be reflective.Listing the topics will notbe enough and result in a poor grade. This is why it is important to understand exactly what ‘reflection’ means in this project. Reflective thinking skills and analysis require an in-depth analysis of your learning experience, learned topics, processes, and implications for future learning and applications. The value of the learning experience from the topics, others, and teachers involved are expressed while analyzing the value and appreciation for the discipline (in this case, Developmental Psychology).

Do not simply outline or summarize the material we covered.Reflection projects need to express what the material means to you. They take a personal approach (you can use first person singular but please stay away from slang and colloquial language), express thoughts, dive deeply into the topic, analyze, make connections, define and interpret main concepts and theories you learned, express your views by using real-life examples, and evaluate the relevance of the course and topics learned. *Hint: While this is a more personal project, successful reflection projects refrain from being overly emotional and continue to incorporate critical thinking skills. This is a graded criterion in your Rubric.

When writing your paper or presenting your slides, consider the following reflectionsto get you started in selecting your topics. You don’t have to answer all of these questions. They hopefully will spark some ideas.

What have we studied that is interesting?

Why are these topics memorable?

What new things have I learned?

How has my learning affected preconceptions or misconceptions I brought with me into class?

How does my learning affect my view of the world and the universe?

Will, what I have learned change my behavior in the future?

What topics did I most resonate with? What topics did I most struggle with? What topics do I wish to dive deeper into in the future?

APA format. Your project needs to include the following APA formatted sections:

TITLE page

REFERENCE page (must have minimum of THREE resources, yes lecture and your text can count).

WITHIN TEXT CITATIONS. Any direct quotes, statistics, and content taken from references not in your own words needs to be cited within the text as you have been doing all semester.

*Those are the APA requirements and are a graded criterion in your Rubric. Otherwise, you have creative freedom.

Length of Project. The length of the paper is probably a minimum of 5 pages (NOT including your title and reference page) and if you selected the presentation, 10-15 slides. This is not set in stone. The author, you, needs to cover a minimum of five topics with a strong introduction and conclusion. Each reflective topic should be at least one paragraph in the paper or two slides in your presentation.


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