Subject …. and Topic 
√Chapter 1: An Invitation to Social Psychology     √Chapter 2: The Methods of Social Psychology 
√Chapter 3: The Social Self     √Chapter 5: Social Attribution: Explaining Behavior 
√Chapter 4: Social Cognition: Thinking about People and Situations    √Chapter 6: Emotion
√Chapter 7: Attitudes, Behavior, and Rationalization      √Chapter 8: Persuasion 
√Chapter 9: Social Influence   √Chapter 11: Stereotyping, Prejudice, and Discrimination 
Chapter 10: Relationships and Attraction   Chapter 12: Groups 
Paper: In 1,400 words or less, please describe an incident relevant to social psychology that you experienced or witnessed. Indicate the number of words at the top of the paper. 
After describing the incident you either witnessed or experienced, explain how four (4) of the course concepts you were exposed to (either in lecture or the book) have helped you better understand the social psychology of this incident. Make sure to clearly and thoroughly explain each concept before describing how it has helped your understanding of social psychology. Underline each concept. Cite your 
explanations of concepts using the format (Text, p.XX), or (Lecture, Date). Please do not attach a Title Page, Bibliography or Reference Page. This is unnecessary. Instead of quoting, paraphrase. For tips on 4 This syllabus will be modified as necessary. Changes will be announced in class. paraphrasing, you can do a search on to find a site such as 
Your grade will be heavily based on the clarity and completeness of your concept explanations, as well as how persuasively you show that the concepts have helped you better understand the incident. It also will be based on following these directions (i.e. word count, number of underlined concepts, explaining an incident).
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