Final Paper: Live and Virtual Public Speaking

Write a 4-5 page paper reflecting on what you have learned in this study. Address the issues below. There is no right or wrong answer but you must discuss specifics. You may wish to reference subtopic areas related to speaking that we have covered such as Introductions and Conclusions or speaker credibility or other material from the text and online. Ideally the paper would be a nice balance between the objective (referencing material from Lucas) and subjective (your own thoughts and experiences).

Include the following reflections on speaking to a live audience vs. speaking to a computer-mediated audience:

What challenges did you face with your recorded speeches and were they different or the same for your live speeches?
What qualities must a speaker possess to effectively communicate when communication is mediated by the computer? in real time on site?
What did you learn about yourself as a public speaker from viewing the recorded speeches?
What areas of public speaking do you now feel more comfortable with?
Consider feedback from others about your speeches. What specific aspects (e.g. nonverbals, body language, tone of voice speaking rate, intro and conclusions, etc.) would you like to work more on for future speeches?
How will your learning in this course help you with future recorded speeches (virtual interviews, etc.) and/or live speeches?
Finally, what are your next goals for your lifelong journey at becoming a speaker?


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