Final “Exam” Essay Final Draft

Points 80 
Submitting a file upload (Turnitin enabled)

This is it…the big moment…with a few clicks of the mouse you will be done with your online English 1A course, with the exception of one more assignment that is even more important than this one. There is no roadmap this week…no reading…no discussion boards…just submitting your paper and that other assignment!
Make sure you realize that this is for all the marbles, though…this is THE FINAL!  You don’t have that intermediate step this time of getting a rough draft looked at, so do your best to make this how you want it to be!  Submit the final, best you can make it, as good as it gets, “Oh, geez, let me pass this dumb thing” version of your final “exam” essay here!  One little pinch more, and it’ll all be over.
BUT before you submit the paper, ask yourself:
1. Does my paper fulfill the length requirement?
2. Did I proofread it for grammatical and punctuation correctness?  (You should go further than just this, BUT…those green and red and blue squiggly lines under stuff in Word is not just decorative!  The program is trying to tell you things are questionable!!!)
3. Did I give support from the source material, quoting other authors in a meaningful way?
4. Does my paper work toward supporting/proving/illustrating a specific thesis?  That is, does my paper have a distinct PURPOSE behind it that the material inside of it is geared toward supporting?
5. Do I dare to eat a peach?  (That’s an obscure poetry joke for you…a few of you may know the reference.)
6. Is this paper as good as I can possibly make it?

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