Film Critique #2 – The beauty myth: the culture of beauty, psychology, and the self with Naomi Wolf In this film Naomi Wolf presents the relationship between ‘beauty†and female identity. She goes over the historical underpinnings setting the stage for her thesis. She then explains the political, social, and psychological implications of the concept of ‘beautyâ€.

must be written in essay format.
Format guidelines include: 2 pages, 12 point font, Times New Roman, 1 inch margins, and double spaced.
Answer all questions and provide examples from the film to support your ideas.
Writing a film critiques includes critically reflecting on the film by sharing your feelings, beliefs, and attitudes.
If you use thoughts or words that are not your own, then you must provide a reference. This includes facts or quotes from the film itself. Failure to provide a reference for any thoughts or words that are not your own is considered plagiarism. Please cite your reference both in-text and at the end of your film critique using APA format.

Please answer all of the following questions in your film critique:

What are some of the potential physical and mental effects on girls and women who try to live up to our cultureâ€s ideal of beauty (“the beauty myth”)?
Name the 3 industries Naomi mentioned as being responsible for womenâ€s preoccupation with their image. Choose one industry and describe how it defines womenâ€s perception of beauty.
Do you think this “beauty myth” affects every race/ethnicity in the same way/degree? Please explain.

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