Feminist Art History

Answer the question that follows. Successful answers will be between 300-500 words long and contain:
-Well crafted Thesis Statement
-Specific examples from specific artworks ( attached)
-Application of readings or theories paired with question – appropriate application will refer to the original text and should contain at least one quote
As Anne D’Alleva writes, “feminist art history is one of the most exciting areas in art history today.” Clearly, feminist art has changed over time. How? If you were to design a short presentation on the history of feminism (or how certain artists challenge conceptions of beauty as portrayed in mainstream art/media) how would you organize the following pairs in a slide presentation? What would be the main points that you would include — one of which must be the “gaze” and the notion of voyeurism. Others could include norms of beauty, body as subject, the female body in popular imagination, re-writing history, etc).
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