for this assignment please provide meaningful feedback to the following. Please respond with 220 words:

Monotheism is the belief that there is only one God. You believe that only one God created the world and is the most powerful. Christianity, Judaism, and Islam are monotheism religions. The development of monotheism is influenced by political events that have happened in history. One of the first signs of monotheism was seen is Egypt in the 14th century BCE. During this time, Akhenaten dominated Egypt. Akhenaten believed in the God Aten, who was the sun disk God. At first when Akhenaten was the ruler, they allowed for its people to believe in multiple gods. Later on, she changed it so that the people have to believe in one God and one God only.
Based on the readings in Chapter 8 and the video streaming, I believe that Judaism was not monotheistic from the beginning. In the study of Judaism, there is not enough factual evidence that shows that they were monotheistic. Research shows that they actually believed in many different gods. For example, one of the gods named Asherah was also worshiped along side Yahweh who was the Jewish God. Evidence of this is found in the Bible. In 587 BC, we start to see the monotheistic traits practiced.
The Buddhism’s response to the topic of cosmogony is that they believe there is 4 moments of the existence of the world. These 4 moments include the the creation, duration, dissolution and dissolved. They also believed in World Periods or Kalpas. Buddhism’s response to cosmogony is based on Buddhist sculptures.
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