Feedback on any corrections I need to make. Thank you. Artic…

Feedback on any corrections I need to make. Thank you.Article: Adams, Y.J., & Young, J. (2022). Perceptions of postpartum teaching and knowledge of warning signs among Black mothers. Western Journal of Nursing Research, 44, 31-41. doi:10.1177/019394592110439391. The textbook speaks of research objectives, questions, and hypotheses. Which of these is present in this study?A. Research objective.B. Research question.***C. Directional hypothesis.D. Nondirectional hypothesis.2. The variable marital status in the study is best described as a(n)A. Independent variable.***B. Dependent variable.C. Research variable.D. Demographic variable.E. Extraneous variable.3. The source cited as Joint Commission. (2010) in the literature review of the study is best described as a(n)A. ArticleB. MonographC. ThesisD. Reference**4. The source cited as Geleto, A., Chojenta, C., Musa, A., & Loxton, D. (2018) in the literature review of the study is best described as a(n)A. Verified sourceB. Unverified sourceC. Primary sourceD. Secondary source**5. The theoretical framework for the study is best described asA. ImplicitB. Explicit**C. ExperimentalD. Quasi-experimental6. Concepts in a framework are ____ than their corresponding variables.A. Less abstractB. More abstract **C. Equal in levels of abstractionD. None of the above7. Based on the statistical methods used, which of the following best describes the design of the study?A. There is an intervention.B. The study focuses on relationships between variables without attempting to predict.**C. The study attempts to find a predictive relationship between variables.D. The study only attempts to describe variables.8. Which of the following best describes the time element of the study?A. The study is cross sectional.**B. The study is longitudinal.C. The study is historical.D. The study is retrospective.9. Which element of this study would be most likely to introduce bias?A. Sampling**B. RetentionC. Implementation of the interventionD. Measurement10. What statement best describes this study with regard to causality?A. The results of this study can be expected to support causality.B. The results of this study cannot be used to support causality.C. It is uncertain whether or not the results of this study can support causality.**D. None of the above. Plagiarism Free Papers
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