Exploring Heterogamous Couple and Family Dynamics Analysis Paper

As we have read in chapter 5, people today date and find mates outside their group, whether it be differences in racial and ethnic background, faith and spiritual beliefs or even differences in education and socioeconomic status. Most Americans (as we learned in the PEW research study we looked at in Module 1) are more accepting of this trend regarding more interracial couples and families and that the majority are in agreement of it being a positive change. Yet, such couples are still not without unique challenges and discrimination.
First, you will need to review the chapter AND choose at least TWO of the resources provided below; also feel free to share any experience(s), personal research findings you may have or personal examples/stories.
Based on chapter 5 and the resources you chose, consider and share some of the difficulties these couples and families can and do face; in particular:

How does being in an interracial relationship impact their couple dynamics, their children and relationships with other family members and even society? Be sure to include specific information from the resources you chose as well as chapter 5.
What stood out to you from the chapter and your chosen resources concerning heterogamous relationships?

Feel free to share from personal experience, and observations.

Below, you will need to review two of the resources of your choosing and you may also include any credible resources of your own in addition to the two you have chosen AND the textbook.
These are to provide you an understanding of some of the things that these couples and families have faced and still face.

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