Explain students’ needs and abilities through the stages of …

Explain students’ needs and abilities through the stages of …

Imagine you’ve been asked to present at a conference on teaching strategies for addressing individual learner needs and curriculum assessments. Many new teachers will be attending, and your insight will be valuable to them for teaching in today’s diverse classroom.
Create a 12- to 14-slide presentation, with detailed speaker notes, that addresses the following:

Explain students’ needs and abilities through the stages of development. Reference models put forth by Piaget, Erikson, Kohlberg, and Maslow in your explanation.
Explain multiple intelligences, learning style preferences, and the influences these theories have on the ways teachers plan and deliver concepts to elementary school-age children.
Explain teaching strategies that can be effective in working with students of different abilities and disabilities.
Describe the main types of curricula and provide examples of each.
Connect the ideas you have presented on cognitive and psychosocial development, individual learner needs, and learning styles to curriculum planning strategies based on these factors.
Discuss the role of assessment. What are some challenges in assessing students’ learning? What might be solutions to some of those challenges?
Examine how technology and current teaching tools fit into and can potentially help support teaching based on professional, philosophical, ethical, and core state standards for diverse student populations.
Recommend strategies for teaching diversity as a part of the curriculum for students in different stages of cognitive development.

Use one of the following tools to develop your presentation:

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Google Slides
Microsoft PowerPoint

You may use other applications to create your presentation as long as your submission is in .pptx (Microsoft PowerPoint) format.
Write a brief paragraph on a separate document that explains why you chose your tool(s) of choice in creating your presentation. Describe what you liked and/or did not like about the tool.
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