explain a given state of affairs in the contemporary international system using concepts from one of the main theories discussed in class realism liberalism or marxism

Country that was drawn randomly: Bolivia.
The primary purpose of the paper is to EXPLAIN a given state of affairs in the contemporary international system using concepts from one of the main theories discussed in class. Thus, the paper will be graded primarily in terms of a student’s ability to clearly discuss and apply major concepts from Realism, Liberalism, and Marxism to a particular topic.
Students may choose from one of two possible research paper options. During the second week of class, each student will randomly select a particular country. Students may write about the most significant foreign policy issue facing the country. Or students may write about that country’s negotiating position on and the commitments it has made under the Paris Climate Accords.
At the outset, students should provide an introductory paragraph clearly stating the thesis of the paper. The thesis should consist of a brief statement of the position that the student is taking on the topic, clarifying the theoretical approach the student is using and the basic reason for adopting this position.
Next, students should spend several pages describing, as concisely as possible, the main issue, the actors involved, their relative capacities, their negotiating strategies, and, in the case of the Paris Climate Accords, the commitments the nation has made under the treaty.
Then, the student should fully discuss and clearly apply the main theoretical concepts he/she is using in the paper. As stated above, this is the most important part of the paper. First, give a general overview of the theory being used and then give a more detailed explanation of the particular concept form the theory that is being used. Then, use the theory and particular concept to explain issues facing the main actors in question and the policy options they have? How does it clarify the interests of the nation and other key actors involved? How does the theory being employed explain the relative strength or weakness of the country or countries and institutions involved? Most importantly, how does the theory explain the particular policy options or other steps that the country has taken?
In the conclusion to the paper, students should in light of the theory being used, provide some insight into likely outcomes regarding the issue. The student should argue persuasively in the conclusion for the explanation that he/she is offering. Students are strongly encouraged to meet with the instructor regarding their thesis if they are having difficulty in formulating a thesis, developing an argument, engaging in research or writing the conclusion of the paper.
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