Examine the discussion section of the attached article. Make…

Use the mock data attached above to help you complete this week’s CAP.  Please note the various tabs of the Excel sheet for your particular research question.  Do not alter the data that has been provided.  Further details are noted in the CAP 5 Document.
What is due:

Word document addressing the questions included.  An example is attached for your reference (please note the example is not in APA format). Please be sure you are following APA formatting guidelines throughout your paper.


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KIN 473 CAP 5: Results and Discussion (Part 1)
1. Using the mock data specific to your research question found in Blackboard, perform a gain-score analysis on your sample. Please follow the video example included in Blackboard for a step-by-step guide on how to conduct this analysis. Please be sure to include the table of your analysis results.
2. Describe the results of your analysis using APA formatting. Do not attempt to explain or discuss your findings, simply report them.
3. Using Microsoft Excel, create at least one table in APA format to quantify information about your participants (demographic information should be included at a minimum).
4. Using Microsoft Excel, create at least one figure in APA format to illustrate your primary finding(s).
Discussion (part 1)
5. Examine the discussion section of the attached article. Make note of the various components that comprise a well-written discussion.
6. Following the example article, create an outline for your own discussion section below.

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