evidence based practice nursing pico assignment

This assignment must be completed on the template provided.
In this assessment you will create 1 clinical question using the PICO format labeling each portion of the question. Then search the literature to find 3 articles related to your clinical question. List the articles in APA format.

You will list your clinical question on the first line
Label each specific portion of the question in P-I-C-O section
You will then search the literature to find 3 articles related to that clinical question. Articles related to the PICO process in general will not count toward your reference requirement.
Assignment must be completed on the template provided in the assignment instructions.
Do not use soap and water vs gel question, the adult wart, menopausal women with osteopenia, PKU testing of 2-week-old infants, or hypertension and home monitoring as your PICO question; these are specific examples given in the required reading at the end of the Evidence-Based Practice activity and in the course presentation and cannot be used. If such an example is used it will be an automatic 5 point deduction.
Important– the 2 additional questions of the assignment should focus on your clinical question and NOT as a generalization regarding PICO questions. If answered as a generalization, 5 points will be deducted.

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