Evaluation Argument Rough Draft

Evaluation argument rough draft
For this paper, you will be making an evaluation argument in which you will make a valued judgment on something or someone or you will make a comparative evaluation on two or more things. Follow the criteria below in order to complete the essay assignment. If you have any questions, please let me know. No late essays will be accepted without a doctor’s note. 
Write an evaluation argument that is 4-5 pages in length, double spaced, MLA format with correct headings, 12 points Times New Roman or Arial font. Your paper must include four outside sources, two of which will need to be peer reviewed from a scholarly journal. 
Your evaluation argument will need to create a valued judgment about something or someone or through a comparative evaluation on two or more things. In order to accomplish an effective argument, your evaluation will need to have a criteria of at least three different categories. In order to support your criteria, you will need to use evidence from credible sources along with correct citations and an accurate works cited page. 
After you have completed the rough draft essay, you will need to go to the peer review workshop and complete the peer review questions and rubric for two other student essays. 
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