eval 6 physics

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This evaluation will cover the lessons in this unit. It is open book, meaning you can use your text- book, syllabus, and other course materials. To submit the evaluation, follow the directions provided.
Multiple ChoiceChoose the answer that best completes the statement or answers the question.
_____ 1.
_____ 2.
_____ 3.
According to the well-known equation “energy equals mass times the speed of light squared,” because
a. mass and energy travel at the speed of light squared.b. mass and energy travel at twice the speed of light.c. energy is actually mass traveling at the speed of light squared. d. mass and energy are related.e. none of the above are true.
The correspondence principle says that
a. any new theory must correctly predict observations.b. the new theory is always correct.c. the old theory is always correct.d. any new theory must agree with the old correct theory.
In physics lab you conduct an experiment to evaluate the difference that changing aparticle’s speed makes on its momentum. You send an electron at a speed of 99% of
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