Ethnographic essay, writing homework help

Prepare a 5-6 page ethnographic study of a group or culture to which you belong, following the process outlined in files.

“Ethnography” –- the official name of this kind of research and writing – tends to call to mind distant cultures – the Bedouin of the Arabian Peninsula, or the natives of the Amazon rain forest. But we all belong to several cultures – and are surrounded by many, many more. Any social group will for its own culture – skateboarders, Facebook users, online gamers, athletic teams. Any of them (or almost any) can be fertile ground for an ethnographic study.

Note that, in an ideal world, you wouldn’t choose a group that you’re part of , since it’ll be harder to be objective. We will try to assure objectivity by including at least two secondary sources – books, articles, web sites, and so on.
Evaluation Criteria
Content: Analysis of group is based on sound research, including multiple sources of data, such as observations, interviews, and at least 2 secondary sources. (364-365).
Organization: Essay follows one of the three methods of development, and effectively guides reader through its analysis.
Style: Writing is clear and appropriate. Tone and language reflect the purpose and audience of the essay.
Mechanics: Free of grammar and spelling errors. All sources cited using MLA format.
Post a Summary about the essay include:
1) The group you’ll be investigating, and a little bit about it (your personal history with it, your initial observations).
2) What field research you plan to conduct (e.g. personal interviews, observations).
3) Which narrative structure you’re thinking of using for your essay. This is only a preliminary guess — this could change!

3) Concerns/questions you’ve got about your subject at this point.

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