Ethics Assignment – Miss Evers’ Boys and Ethical Issues in R…

Ethics Assignment – Miss Evers’ Boys and Ethical Issues in Research
Students will watch the movie “Miss Evers’ Boys” about a landmark government study carried out over several decades by the United States government and the outstanding ethical issues surrounding it. Students will also locate another example of a research study that violated ethical standards.

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The student will reflect upon these studies and respond to the rubric. Students may watch the movie with classmates, but the assignment should reflect each student’s individual thoughts and be in their own words.
It is expected that the student will consult additional resources to more fully explore the questions in the ethics reflection assignment.
This assignment is written as a paper, not just a document with answers to the questions. It must be in APA format including cover page, paper, and reference page. There is not a minimum number of pages required, should be of sufficient length to thoughtfully address the questions in the assignment. See APA Format in the Additional Items and Policies section after the Course Calendar in this Syllabus. The paper will be submitted through Turnitin and should have a green score to reflect absence of plagiarism.
Ethics Reflection Assignment and Rubric

Possible points

· Discuss how the Tuskegee Study started out and the intent of the research (3 points).
· Cite additional source(s) and include on reference page in APA (1 point)
· What was unique about the population of Tuskegee, Alabama, as it relates to this study? (2 points)
· Why do you believe Dr. Douglas chose Dr. Brodus and Miss Evers to participate in this study? (2 points)

· Describe at least three distinct approaches Miss Evers used to convince the men of Tuskegee to participate in the study? (3 points)
· For each activity by Miss Evers – identify if you feel the activity constituted use of coercion, power (implicit or explicit), advocacy, or a mixture of these and explain why? (6 points)

· In what ways did the United States government use power to influence and propel this study to continue for several decades? (2 points)
· In what ways did roles (e.g. physician, nurse), race, economics, education, or other factors contribute to this study continuing and to Miss Evers staying with the study? (6 points)

· How do you feel about Miss Evers participation in the Tuskegee Study? (2 points)
· What would you have done the same or differently? (3 points)
· Why? (3 points)

· Locate another research study that violated ethical standards.
· Describe the study itself (3 points).
· Which ethical standards did it violate and how? (4 points)
· Cite additional source(s) and include on reference page in APA (1 point)

· Compare and contrast the ethical violations of the study you describe and the Tuskegee Study. In what specific ways are they similar or different?) (4 points)

· Describe specific research ethics, laws or practices (names, descriptions of protections) that exist now to prevent the issues that arose from the Tuskegee Study and other unethical studies. (4 points)
· Cite additional source(s) and include on reference page in APA (1 point)

· Written as a paper in APA, not as a bulleted list of answers
· Paper format (correct APA 7th ed.): font (½ pt), margins/double-spacing (½ pt), page numbers (½ pt), cover page & reference page formats (½ pt)
· Correct spelling and grammar (4 points)
· Citations & References (correct APA 7th ed – graded in sections above with these criteria): all references are cited in paper; each reference includes all required elements (author, year, title, journal name, volume, issue if available, page number or electronic locator, URL/doi
· Turnitin score reflective of original thought (4 points)


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